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Should I service my furnace or boiler every year?


Should I service my furnace or boiler every year? If so, when is the best time?


I usually recommend to our customers that they have their heating equipment looked at every year. In fact, with our sophisticated software we can tell you the last time we serviced your equipment, what we did to it, and remind you when it is time to service it again. Both boilers and furnaces have a lot of working and moving parts. Just like your car, they need to be lubed and oiled and visually checked once a year. By having our technician service your equipment, you reduce the emergency call for no heat when the cold snap hits and you need heat right away. Why not turn your heat on with the confidence of knowing that a PJB Mechanical Plumbing Heating service professional has already looked at your equipment? You’ll have peace of mind in knowing you won’t freeze. The best time of year to service your heating equipment is usually the end of August or the beginning of September, just before we hit fall. We are currently offering a summer service special for both hot water boilers and forced air furnaces. Please don’t hesitate to call and ask for an appointment today as bookings are starting to fill up. Don’t get caught out in the cold. Call today!

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