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How to fix a leaky hose-bib


I have a small leak in my hose-bib. Should I bother fixing it? Are there other plumbing things I should consider doing in the summertime?


Your hose bib is certainly worth fixing. It could be something as simple as a washer or it may be something more serious. If it is not a Frost Free Hose-bib, it may have frozen and cracked over the winter. Hose-bibs can cause a substantial flood if not taken care of. If you do need to replace it, make sure you go to a Frost Free Model.

I am a big fan of doing things in the off season, when there is not a sense of emergency. When it is Hot out, I think people should be servicing their Boilers and Furnaces. That way they will be good and ready for when the cold comes. It’s also a good time to consider any outside work. Adding Gas lines and BBQ Boxes Dealing with Drainage issues etc…

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