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How to fix a flooding parking lot in a strata complex


I am on Strata Council at our Townhouse Complex. Every time it rains hard for a couple days our parking lot floods. What would you suggest?


Some issues in the Storm System should be addressed. The Catch-Basins may be full of debris. If so, they need to be sucked out. If you do not have leaf guards inside your Catch-Basins, debris may have moved down your lines and caused blockages there. Your best bet would be to have a Combi-Vac Truck come in and clear your system. They have the capacity to suck out your Catch-basins and then Hydro-Jet all your Storm Lines. It would be advisable to Video Inspect all your lines after the flushing and make sure there are no breaks or other concerns. After the problem is solved, put your Storm System and your Sani System on an annual maintenance program to avoid this happening in the future. Give us a call if you need help setting any of this up.

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