How can I add a natural gas connection point on a patio?


I am tired of running out of propane and lugging heavy BBQ tanks to be refilled. How hard is it to add a natural gas connection point to my patio?


Adding a gas connection to your outdoor kitchen or patio is lot easier and cheaper than you might think. PJB Mechanical Plumbing Heating can provide a free estimate to install a natural gas connection point for you. We offer custom conversion packages, including converting your existing propane BBQ to natural gas. All of our installations come complete with a permit from the local municipality and an inspection from a city inspector. If you already have a natural gas connection point on the outside of your house or on your patio, our gas fitters can simply convert your existing BBQ’s burners to adapt to natural gas. You can even drop your BBQ off at our shop and we can convert it for you. All of our conversions come standard with a 10 flexible connector to allow you the freedom of locating your BBQ in a number of spots on your patio.

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