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Does PJB handle Fortis rebates?


Does your company work with FortisBC? Fortis seem to be advertising rebates a lot. Is there anything I need to know before I hire someone in regards to getting rebates?


Good Question. I’m always surprised when people don’t take advantage of things like Rebates. FortisBC offers a vast amount of rebates all year long. They change who, how much and on what appliance, quite regularly but, their focus is on promoting the use of Natural Gas Products.

The one constant qualifier is that if you are working with gas, you need a company or journeyman who is a Certified Gas Fitter. This will give you safety and peace of mind as well as make sure you are compliant and able to claim any appropriate rebates.

PJB Mechanical employs Qualified Journeyman, Plumbers and Gas Fitters and we are part of the FortisBC Trade Ally Network. The FortisBC website lists all the rebates available.

As an old Poker player once said, “Never leave free money sitting on the table”.

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