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How to fix apartment building drainage back-ups


I am on Strata in a 4-story apartment building. It’s not that old but, we seem to be having problems with drainage back-ups and small floods. We have snaked the sinks that backed-up but, this problem seems to keep happening. What else can we do?


Does your building do regular (annual) hydro-jetting? This is a high-pressure, water flushing, of your horizontal drain lines. This is something that is often neglected but, re needs done! When grease and semi-solids get flushed down your drains, (which you should try and avoid), they move down the vertical line ok with gravity. However, when that line goes horizontal, they often sit there and then solidify. Grease and things like Rice can become hard as a brick and will cause back-ups over and over again, until those lines are properly cleared. Give us a call if you would like us to come out and give you a quote for Hydro-jetting your buildings drain lines. It will save you thousands in emergency calls and flood damage.

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