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How do I choose a natural gas contractor?


I have plans to renovate or build my house. How do I choose a natural gas contractor?


Whether they’re purely practical or driven by your dreams, natural gas can play a big part in your new home. When it comes time to connect your new natural gas furnace, water heater or appliances to your residential gas line, you’ll require the services of a registered natural gas contractor. They’ll not only make sure your new equipment is installed safely and to code, but can also help you select the equipment that’s right for your family’s needs.

Look for contractors who:

  • Are registered with the BC Safety Authority and employ licensed gas fitters
  • Are bonded and insured for liability and property damage
  • Offer warranties that cover equipment, materials and labour
  • Offer maintenance and service after installation and after warranties have expired
  • Provide customer references
  • Are members in good standing of the Better Business Bureau

When the contractor or gas fitter returns to install your residential gas line or natural gas appliance, ask to see the permit, which legally enables the work. With that document in hand, you’re ready to begin the work.

PJB Mechanical Plumbing Heating complies with all of the above criteria. We employ ticketed gas fitters. Don’t get caught with the wrong guys working on your gas equipment. You may not get a second chance!

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