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Do You Need Your Kitec Piping Replaced?


I’ve recently heard about a problem with “Kitec” branded piping and a settlement of a class action law suit against the manufacturer?


Commonly used in domestic water, and heating system, this is reminiscent of another piping system which was sold under the brand name Poly-B. It was light grey in colour. Poly-B was also subjected to a class action law suit against the manufacturer. We’ve re-piped dozens of homes in the lower mainland that were piped with Poly-B.

The latest news out is a problem with pipe branded under the name “Kitec.”

Kitec was a plastic piping system with an aluminium core. Although the manufacturer has admitted no wrong-doing, they have agreed to a $150 million settlement to provide funding to homeowners to have their houses re-piped over the next 8 years, or until the funding is exhausted.

You can identify Kitec piping by its blue or orange colour. Typically blue was used for water lines and orange was used in hot water heating systems. Keep in mind, that like Poly-B, Kitec piping systems were CSA approved at the time. If you’re not sure if you have Kitec or Poly-B in your home, we would be more than happy to provide an inspection and remedial action plan for you. We re local, we’re knowledgeable, and we’re available 8am 4:30pm Monday to Friday to answer any of your questions at 604-940-2268.

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