Plumbing With A Conscience

At PJB Mechanical, we believe in plumbing with a conscience. We do our best to reduce our impact on the environment not only in our own offices, but also by offering green plumbing and heating options to our customers in Richmond, Delta, Vancouver, and beyond.

If you’re planning a vacation, use these maintenance tips to save energy while you’re away.

Our Green Vision at PJB Mechanical

When we’re not out on plumbing, heating or gas fitting jobs, we’re working on reducing our waste and energy consumption around the office by:

  • Washing uniforms in cold water only
  • Setting all computers to automatically enter sleep mode, cutting energy use by up to 70%
  • Banning water bottles in favour of a tap filter in the lunchroom
  • Banning paper towels in the office
  • Recycling and using only remanufactured toners and printer cartridges
  • Using biodegradable garbage bags
  • Using electronic billing to reduce paper waste

We also consider the environment in everything we do outside the office. When we’re out on plumbing, heating or gas fitting jobs, we:

  • Check that all faucets have aerators or other water-saving attachments
  • Promote high-efficiency (low flush) water consumption toilets
  • Offer summer furnace cleaning specials to ensure maximum heating efficiency
  • Promote high-efficiency furnaces
  • Promote high-efficiency water heaters
  • Remove and recycle all scrap cardboard and metal from every job site

(NOTE: The City of Richmond is providing a Toilet Rebate Program to homeowners who install a low-flush toilet. We’ve got all the details on the rebate program here)

If you’re looking for a company that believes in plumbing with a conscience, and reducing environmental impact in business practices whenever possible, choose PJB Mechanical.

To learn about environmentally friendly plumbing, heating, or gas fitting options for your home or business, contact us today.

Customer Testimonial

Our company has utilized the services of ‘PJB’ for over 15-years.

We have no reservation in endorsing their firm. We advise that their crews are efficient and effective in helping us to maintain our portfolio of some 300 properties.

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