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Seasonal Tips for Winter

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Home Plumbing Tips for Winter

Use these home plumbing tips to prevent pipe freezing and keep your systems working through the winter months:

  • Circulate warm air throughout your home, with cabinet doors under sinks open, to keep pipes in the walls from freezing.
  • Close crawl space vents and garage doors, especially if your water heater is in the garage.
  • Ensure snow does not block water drainage, especially around your sump pump discharge line, to prevent freezing and water back up into the house.
  • We also have some FAQs regarding winter preparation:
  • What should I do to prepare my house for the fall and winter seasons?
  • What should I do to winterize my external plumbing systems?

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Throughout our years of service in Vancouver, Richmond and Delta, we’ve found that many people have the same questions for their local plumbing and heating experts. Have a look at these frequently asked questions for more household plumbing and heating tips.

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