Don’t take a chance on fly by night plumbers

In this economic downtime jobs are hard to find. Plumbers who have traditionally worked for the big company’s doing high rises are now finding themselves out of work and competing to get the few jobs that are available. There have been a number of “New” plumbing companies starting up and typically advertise great low rates.

Don’t get fooled by these ads. These plumbers usually come with warranties of 30 feet or 30 seconds which ever comes first. If your plumbing breaks or floods as a result of these plumbers you could go down a long road of problems, stress, leaving endless voice mails and ultimately loss of money. It is hard for a one man operation to offer you the service an established company such as PJB can and quite often they can not get back to you for weeks when things go wrong.

You can be rest assured that using PJB who is celebrating its 15th year anniversary will not only be there for you tomorrow but years to come down the road. We are insured licensed and bonded. Is your guy???

Did you know you can check out the plumber you hire on the BBB webpage? If your guy is not listed do you really want to hire him???

Please check us out at the Better Business Bureau – our rating is an A+!!!